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Flexibility & high level of efficiency

Tunnel excavator

A compact excavator for maximum safety and precision in tunnel construction.

The BLUE BADGER® from Wimmer is a tunnelling machine specially developed for applications in connection with the "New Austrian Tunnelling Method". It is the preferred option where space is limited and is therefore particularly suitable for tunnel cross-sections from Ø 3.5m in height. The boom or its mobility is used for a flexible and wide range of applications in tunnel construction.

"Steel/ protective frame":
For securing in the event of collisions and risk of accidents.
"Dirt wiper":
Prevents stones from being trapped between the running gear and the upper carriage.
"Attachment point"
Lifting point lifting for loading the excavator with the crane if required.
"Emergency stop switch":
In an emergency, the excavator is switched of completely.
"Central lubrication":
For less maintenance.
"Protective cover for hydraulic lines":
Prevents damage to the hydraulic hoses.

The BLUE BADGER in action

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Intelligent technology in detail.

Technical data

Total weightapprox. 14 t
Motor capacity53,7 kW / 73 PS
Engine typeTurbo Diesel
Cooling systemWater-cooled
Specific. Hydraulic pump185 l/min at 290 bar
Fuel content105 l
Electrical system12 V


Attachment tools

  • Drilling equipment
  • Tunnel bucket
  • Hydraulic hammers
  • Hydraulic milling machines
  • Demolition tongs
  • Special tools
  • Tunnel arch gripper

Excavator technology

  • Special tunnel swivel arm with 2 x 45 ° swivel bearing
  • Optimum lateral routing of hoses and lines
  • Wimmer quick coupler for easier tool changing
  • Special cylinder arrangement for better component protection
  • Kinetics of the boom optimised for tunnel driving
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